A Little History


Welcome to our site! My passion for dogs started after the passing of my father. I found joy and comfort in the company of dogs especially with this breed, the Lhasa Apso. I first had Ruffles and I loved dressing her up. I made dog ribbons, dog biscuits and dog clothes for sale. Pooch Glamour started as a ready to wear clothing line for dogs in 2004.




We have a lot of plans for 2014 and the following years to come. We want to promote awareness of responsible breeding especially here in the Philippines. This breed is too beautiful to waste to indiscriminate and unethical breeding.


We hope that people who choose to breed will always breed for the right reasons. And will breed to closely resemble the breed standard. There are no shortcuts to breeding and a breeder must always study and research at the same time taking care of his dogs and all the litter he produces.


The next generation of Lhasas should be as great as their grandparents!


We would love to hear from you! Kindly drop a comment and sign on our guestbook and we do hope you visit our site again.


The Pooch Glamour Family



About Pooch Glamour


Pooch Glamour is home to 15 Lhasa Apsos. Ruffles, Snowflakes, Dee Dee, Munchy, Hammie, Sunflower, Shobe, Creamers, Violet, Watermelon, Wintermelon, Xerena, Bruce, Lotus and Luther.


We are currently located at Capas, Tarlac Philippines.  All our dogs have a free run inside the house and we do occasionally let them play in the park and bring them out in the mall.


We spend the entire morning grooming them - that's roughly fifteen minutes spent per dog daily. We do not bathe them frequently but we do comb them everyday.


These dogs are pampered to perfection because they deserve the best and they give so much without asking anything in return.


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