I am quite certain that there is very little education and information about dog breeding here in the Philippines. Left and right you will see puppies for sale, owners looking for a mate for their dog, owners presenting their dogs as "stud" to the public, and the cycle goes on and on, and this gets worse year after year. The Lhasa Apso breed in the Philippines has been line bred too much and we need to do something about it.

I started with Lhasa Apso 10 years ago, and quite honestly I learned a lot from my previous litters. There has been too much line breeding done in the past and a lot of beginners consider themselves "breeders" offering their dogs as stud without much thought or realisation of what they are further contributing to the destruction of the breed. A lot of owners are also continuing their search for a mate for their bitch, without research or understanding of what they are doing. A lot of old time respected breeders continue to breed their dogs even if the quality is low and even if the problems are present.

So I really do hope that through my blogs about breeding I will inspire people to make a change. Let us all do something beneficial for the breed. Let us all do something right. Let us admit our mistakes because many will learn from it. If we continue to cover our mistakes in breeding, it will continuously hurt us, and in the end you only get what you give. If we breed vital, strong, good temperament and healthy dogs - the future of pedigree dogs and Lhasa Apsos here in the Philippines will be so much better!

Here are some pointers for both beginners and breeders of Lhasa Apsos:

1. Health problems (cryptorchidism, monorchidism, hernias- inguinal, umbilical) and allergies- are all PROBLEMS. Too much line breeding has caused this. Please do not breed your dog if he has this problems.

2. Irregular seasons - if your bitch's cycle is not regular - that is a PROBLEM.

3. Free mating and whelping is a must! If you need a "shooter" or your dog still needs assistance - do not breed this dog!

4. The famous DUDLEY NOSE- light eyes and weak pigmentation is a major curse to dog breeding. To dog breeding. Let me make myself clear - to dog breeding. This will easily take over. So please enjoy and love your dog but please DO NOT BREED this dog. Too much line breeding has caused this problem… not just one dog… but a repetitive cycle of bad breeding. Please do not make the same mistake over and over again.

5.  Shy and nervous dogs make life difficult. Like a car ride or a trip to the vet. If your dog is shaking continuously and does not stop that is a PROBLEM.

6. If you are not sure if your dog is a Lhasa Apso, or does not seem to look like a Lhasa Apso, or is always mistaken for another breed - that is a PROBLEM.

7. You must be able to lay your hands between the back legs of your dog, if you can't you have a pet. Please do not use this dog for breeding. Please do not make smaller versions of your Lhasa Apso.

DSC_0143*photo comparison of the size of the pelvis*

Pooch Glamour Love Creamers is tiny in size but big in personality. She is charming, sweet and healthy but since she is very small we do not include her in our breeding program, and we keep her as a pet we have loved all these years.


8. The Pearly Whites- underbites and overbites are a NIGHTMARE!!! I have bred dogs with serious underbites and they never go away. I have not bred a dog with an over bite but I have bought one from a breeder I respected before. After realizing how dreadful this problem is I have sold this dog as I do not want this bitch to be included in my breeding program. This dog has been kept as a pet by the new owner and I am very thankful for that.


Only the vital and strongest and most healthy dogs should be used for breeding. Only the ones who conform to the breed standard should be used for breeding. I am certain that with this formula the future will be so much better. Breeding dogs takes passion, heart, hard work and study. I do not discourage breeding, I ONLY encourage RESPONSIBLE breeding.




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  1. Dawn Zimmer

    I totally agree…one local breeder has been trying for years, to make our Lhasa’s smaller and smaller….while she has finally succeeded, the dogs, and owners suffer in the long run. They develop many bad health issues, and my vet has totally agreed with the problem….I love our Lhasa’s just the way they should be, not what people try to turn them in to…

    1. poochglamour

      Post author

      Yes that is the sad reality. We should not alter how are Lhasa’s look like. I really do not like the words “small type” or “princess type” and all those new names they use to label dogs which only means they are smaller than how they are supposed to be.


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