A Beautiful Coat

As requested our second blog will be about Grooming! :)


There are a lot of benefits of regularly grooming your Lhasa Apso. The one on one time you spend with your dog everyday will be vital in keeping him happy and healthy for the rest of his life. When I started with the Lhasa Apso, I was very excited about coat care! And if you plan to own a Lhasa Apso or is now being owned by one,  you know that keeping him looking at his best requires hard work from your part!

These are the very basics to keep your Lhasa Apso looking great:

1. Grooming Table- Place your dog in the grooming table. He should enjoy this one on one time that he spends with you everyday.

2.  Eyes- Your dogs eyes should be clear of dirt. Gently remove any buildup using a cotton ball and slightly warm water.


3. Ears- Check your dogs' ears regularly. Make sure to remove any dirt or earwax with a special ear cleaning solution.

4. Teeth- Brush your dogs teeth everyday with a soft bristle brush and a doggie toothpaste.


5. Nails- You should be able to trim your dogs' nails as often as possible.

6. Paw Care- You have to trim the hair in between the pads regularly.







7. The Genitals and Rear End- You have to check this regularly. Make sure it is clean and please do not hesitate to look under your dogs' tail frequently. If necessary, wipe off with baby cloths if needed.

8. Bathing- A Lhasa Apso does not need frequent baths if he is combed and brushed regularly and lives in a clean home.


9. Combing and Brushing- My day has never been complete without combing and brushing my dogs. I do this every morning spending roughly 15 minutes per dog. It is a daily routine that my Lhasas look forward to!


10. Bows and Bands- I prefer keeping the hair tied. I prefer using latex and coated bands made especially for dogs.




Grooming goes hand in hand with health care. If you see or notice changes while grooming your dog it is best to bring him to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

A Lhasa Apso in full coat is always a sight to behold! :)



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