Rest In Peace SULLY

At 09:40 AM (Philippine time) Sully Sunrise has passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Message from my veterinarian:

"Belinda I regret to inform you that Sully did not make it. After bringing him out of his cage this morning for urination. I noticed that he had difficulty in breathing and put him in oxygen and after 10 minutes he fainted and we need to subject him for an ambulatory bag to assist him in respiration and we give epinephrine to stabilise heart beat and he overcome it but after few minutes he had difficulty of breathing again and this time he was not able to make it and pass away. I think Sully felt relieved now and he is not in pain anymore. I felt sorry for what happened to Sully and this morning when I approached him in his pen he went near me and putting his two front legs in my arm while fixing his fluid and waiting to be petted and as if he was telling me it was time and he wanted to rest."

We are now headed to the Animal Hospital to fetch Sully and give him a proper burial here at the farm. Sully has been with me for only a month but I would like to think I gave him the best last month of his life compared to the four years he spent with his previous owner.

Please be responsible dog owners.

And please be responsible dog breeders.

We can't always find good homes for all the puppies out there.

Here are some photos of Sully when he was still a puppy. Run free Sully. We love you.


sully 9sully 10

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace SULLY

  1. Stephanie Tsai

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine how it is to lose a dog.
    We will never be ready for it, for anything for that matter.
    We can only give them the time and genuine love that they deserve.

    Rest in peace, Sully. Run free with other doggies up there! <3

    1. poochglamour

      Post author

      Sully only stayed with us for a month and I feel so bad that he was robbed the chance to enjoy a much happier and healthier life.


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