Breeding Dogs

If you have time to breed your dogs, you should have time to educate yourself first!

The problem with people who call themselves "breeders" is that they have very little or no proper education and knowledge of what breeding is all about. Breeding takes more than just a male and female dog plus a litter of puppies.

1.) Breeding involves planning

Breeding is not mating your female bitch to the nearest available stud dog and vice versa. I have read a lot of posts looking for a stud service which has the closest proximity to their address. And stud dog owners offering their dogs as stud even if their male dogs do not even come close to the breed standard. These so called "breeders" have all the time in the world to breed litter after litter without educating themselves first on how a Lhasa Apso should look like!

Note: If your dog does not look like a Lhasa Apso, it is NOT a Lhasa Apso! So please STOP breeding your dog!

There will always be something NEW to learn about the Lhasa Apso breed. The breed standard gives an outline of the breed. A breed standard alone is not sufficient to understand the breed fully. It is very essential to talk with other people behind the breed. Have an open mind and plan  your litter, you will achieve better results if you have a planned breeding.

2.) Reality: Breeding dogs is expensive and difficult

Breeding dogs is not simple and it is not cheap. I wonder how these people who call themselves "breeders" always talk about how hard it is for them to live day by day and still continue to have one litter after another. Some of these so called "breeders" even post pictures of their dogs lining up and sharing one electric fan to keep cool in this horrid summer heat that is approximately 32- 36 Celsius for several hours everyday. And another thing that bothers me the most is that their solution to beat this scorching heat is by shaving their dogs bald so that it would prevent heat stroke! That is the most absurd reasoning I have heard! We all know Lhasa Apsos are built for extreme weather conditions. And we all know the reason you had your Apso bald is because it was all matted and you couldn't commit to grooming him.

Breeding dogs is challenging as there are genetic issues and illnesses that we are now AWARE of. And since we are aware that these problems exist now, much more that "breeders" so be more careful when they are planning to breed a litter. Most "breeders" are lazy, selfish and stubborn. We all know that breeding dogs is a very expensive hobby. Those who say that breeding is profitable is a big fat liar!

3.) Learn from your mistakes

In this imperfect world, breeders will often make mistakes. I must admit that until now I am learning all the ropes and curves about the Lhasa Apso breed and breeding dogs. I have also made several poor mating choices in the past and I am doing my very best NOT to repeat the very same mistakes again. I continue to educate myself and learn new things that will help me to improve my plans for the future of the breed and for the future of my dogs.

The problem with so many "breeders" out there is they continue repeating their mistakes over and over. They continue to breed their dogs even if the quality is low. Their planning is looking for a different stud - that is near their area or from a breeder whom they are comfortable talking too. Looking for a stud dog is easy but looking for the BEST STUD DOG requires heart and investment.

TIP: A breeder must be willing to invest for the best possible stud dog. He usually does not live in your neighbourhood.


Plan your litter.

Learn from your mistakes.

Educate yourself about your breed and about breeding.

Be willing to invest.

Have faith.


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