“Puppies For Sale”

This blog is for prospective puppy buyers so that they will be aware that not all advertisements of "Lhasa Apsos" are indeed "Lhasa Apsos".

I am at the website www.olx.ph and I searched for Lhasa Apsos in the Philippines. Evidently, the quality of Lhasa Apsos in this country have really gone bad. The photos of puppies are mostly in very appalling situations. You can see that they are not well taken care of, some are even placed inside very rusty cages and most adults are sold with the reason that their owners "need money" or that "they don't have time to take care of their dogs anymore". Some of these advertisers even have the audacity to call themselves "reputable breeders". And some are milking their bitches like cash cows!!

There are even puppies for sale and dogs being advertised as stud labeled as "small sized" "large sized" "cousin of Shih Tzu" "look alike of Shih Tzu" "champion line". I don't know what they will come up with next!! These people clearly lack the knowledge of responsible breeding or simply choose to continue breeding their dogs despite the condition their dogs are in and even if the puppies they are producing clearly are not good representatives of the Lhasa Apso breed. I am now using the word "good" but we should strive to be better than good.

A lot of people lack the education and information about dog breeding yet a lot of them continue to breed their dogs. Clearly most of them don't even know what a Lhasa Apso is!! :( The quality of the breed is deteriorating and what these "so called breeders" do is produce more of these "so called Lhasa Apsos"!

As a breeder, we all make mistakes, what we should do is learn from these mistakes, be honest about the breeding mistakes we have made in the past and from there we learn to be better breeders and next time we make better choices and better decisions. I hope that there will be more people who take a stand and more individuals who will choose not to ignore the very sad reality of our breed.




4 thoughts on ““Puppies For Sale”

  1. Des Torres

    This is so true! Not that many responsible breeders. People are in it for the money…..Not for the love of the breed, or for the dogs

    1. poochglamour

      Post author

      Yes Des this is the very sad reality of most dogs and puppies being sold in the Internet and in pet shops. :(

  2. Pen

    When Lilac’s puppies were for ready for rehoming, i would even interview the “would be buyer” to ensure that i will be giving the puppies to the right owners. There was one encounter where I was told “ang arte mo naman, lahat ng dogs ko naka aircon. Kung gusto mo bilhin ko pa ng 20K. CASH.”. Right at that moment, i already knew she would not be a good and responsible owner.

    So i said, “kumuha ka na lang ng ibang dog, if you are truly a dog-lover (as you would claim), then you will appreciate my questions. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment and i just want to make sure you’ll keep that commitment.” Then she goes “bakit ilang red mark and green mark ba yang aso mo?”. So to cut the conversation i just said “they are no longer for sale kng tulad mo lang bibili.”. I knew right there and then, she was only interested to take the pup as “investment” — for breeding purposes. I mean, what is the connection between red/green marks and her passion (daw) as “dog lover”. I dont also understand why there are people who are so passive, they would sell dogs kahit kanino na lang basta may “return on investment”. SAD Reality!

    1. poochglamour

      Post author

      Pinaka allergic ako sa tanong na ilan ang red at green marks????

      When someone inquires about your puppies, you will have to listen to your intuition and gut feel because 90% of the time your right for refusal of sale to a would be owner is the best decision you will have ever made. If you leave your puppies’ fate to chance and just hope for the best, chances are the puppy will not be taken well care of and you will regret decision.

      The conversation you will be having with a buyer should at least give you a perspective if he/ she would be responsible to take care of a new Lhasa Apso puppy. It is really not easy to find a wonderful new family for every puppy and more so for every litter. So as dog owners and breeders we should be the ones responsible to make better breeding choices.


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