Part of the Family

Many people who are very enthusiastic about dogs tend to underestimate the demands of owning a dog and often to fail to meet them. It takes more than good intentions to do right by a dog.

First of all, I think it is absolutely necessary that everyone in the family agrees on getting a dog. It takes a lot of knowledge, patience and time to own a dog without running into problems. Think about how much time you will need to take care of a dog, regardless of the breed. A dog requires supervision, care, training, and activities to keep him stimulated throughout the day.


The dog has a right to a healthy diet, clean quarters and proper care. He should also have appropriate social contact and to be in an environment that is suitable to his needs. Personally I do not like keeping dogs inside cages. If you own a dog and keep him crated most of his life - better not to own a dog instead.


It also costs a lot to own a dog. You have to take in account food, vaccinations, equipment, cleaning supplies, bed, treats, toys, your personal belongings (that your dog might accidentally destroy), and unexpected veterinary bills if your dog gets sick or injured.

If you have to travel and won't be able to take your dog with you, you need to find someone reliable to take care of him while you are away or pay to board him in a good kennel or vet clinic offering the same service.

Many family dogs no longer have any real work. Nevertheless, they still need physical and mental stimulation to enjoy a happy and healthy life.  And I believe it is every dog owner's responsibility to meet the many demands of owning a dog and to care for him to the best of his abilities unconditionally. :D





4 thoughts on “Part of the Family

    1. poochglamour

      Post author

      Thank you Dawn! They are so happy I am back from vacation but I am happier to see them all again :)

  1. Pen

    I perfectly agree with you Belinda. :) When i asked questions about those you have written to potential buyers, I was called “maarte” :) hehehe. But it’s ok, as a breeder, I believe that it is also our responsibility and commitment to ensure that we give our furbabies to “rightful and deserving” owners. For me, this was the most difficult part of breeding, thus, i have decided to let go of breeding and just enjoy the company of my furbabies.

    1. poochglamour

      Post author

      Thank you Pen. I do hope that through my blogs I will be able to reach out to more people and promote awareness of responsible breeding and responsible pet ownership. Although it may seem like a daunting task especially since there are a lot of dog owners out there who continue breeding their dogs without much thought of their obligation to the litter of puppies they bring into this world. I still believe there are still a handful of responsible owners and breeders out there and with their help we can have a better future for our breed, the Lhasa Apso. :)


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