APSOlutely Beautiful!

Sharing some more tips on grooming your Lhasa Apso :)


1. Do not bathe your dog very often. Since the Philippines is a tropical country and most people I know shampoo their hair everyday, the common mistake is that they tend to over bathe their dogs at home resulting to an itchy skin or severely damaged coat.

2. There are a lot of products out in the market but you should always choose wisely which products will be beneficial to your apso in the long term. I personally like to use Johnson's baby shampoo on the head and sometimes as a pre bath before I shampoo and condition the coat.

3. When bathing your apso never rub the coat. Treat the coat like an expensive fabric, wash with care all the time. Apply the shampoo carefully and keep the coat straight, same with the conditioner. Always purchase a very good brand of shampoo and conditioner.

Note: I do not like to mention too many grooming products and brands that I use because what works for my dogs may not work well with your dogs. I use several brands at home because not all their coats are the same. There are Lhasas who are easier to groom and there are some who need more work than others.

4. I swear by my stainless steel metal toothed comb. I have currently tried more than 10 I think. I personally love Chris Christensen 7" all coarse comb. Their fusion pin brushes are a must buy too!

5. I do not bathe my dogs often but I groom them everyday. I always believe that grooming your dogs everyday will help them live healthier lives. I have always detected something wrong when I am grooming them. A lump or a bump can be easily felt and noticed. And they all look forward to this one on one time with me. I like to use a spray bottle filled with water or a spray bottle filled with my preferred brand of grooming product. I prefer to groom when the coat is not completely dry.

Over the years, you will learn a lot from grooming your dog. You will have your own way and your own style. And you will all have your preferred shampoo and conditioner of choice. But I still believe that there are no short cuts and magical potions for this breed. I find that a very good quality of dog food is still very beneficial, a very good exercise with plenty of mental and physical activities and of course VERY GOOD GENES!!! :)


Here is Luther aka KUTANI CARBON COPY who very impressively finished his Philippine Champion title at 9 months old. :)

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