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Sully Sunrise has already been buried two days ago. Even if I only spent a month with him I feel so bad for everything that has happened. I feel as though he has been robbed of a happy, healthy life. I don't even know if his previous owner has already heard the news and if she did, I wonder if she even felt something for him.

sully 15

We made sure he is buried six feet under.

sully 13

We also planted a yellow hibiscus flower for Sully yesterday. I plan to plant some more in the following weeks to come. We chose a location that is a little farther from the garden to prevent the canine distemper virus from spreading.

sully 11

Here's my sweet little note for Sully :

Dearest Sully,

I remember you in a litter of four of Hammie x Sunny Bee. Two girls, two boys and all your names started with the letter S. You were the only parti coloured male in the litter. You never really smiled a lot even as I look through your puppy photos. You did not seem to enjoy letting your tongue out like your other Lhasa Apso siblings. The couple who adopted you seemed really nice and I never really thought you would end up uncared for four years after. I am so sorry I was able to do so little for you. :( I remember I checked up on you a few times, and every time I asked about you, all I received was one reply and no stories or no photo updates or no follow up queries after. Two months ago when your previous owner called me and told me how awful you were behaving, causing her allergies, your loud barking, your ugly temper, your ticks and fleas, your bad behaviour, I NEVER BELIEVED A SINGLE WORD SHE SAID. There are no bad dogs Sully, only BAD and EVIL owners. And I feel so bad that you were taken so soon, and that because of your ex- owners negligence you acquired a fatal disease that I could do nothing about. I am so sorry Sully. Now that you are gone, I know you are in peace. Your owner might have hated you but please know you are loved by many. We love you Sully. We will always remember you.

Love, Mommy Belinda

sully 14



At 09:40 AM (Philippine time) Sully Sunrise has passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Message from my veterinarian:

"Belinda I regret to inform you that Sully did not make it. After bringing him out of his cage this morning for urination. I noticed that he had difficulty in breathing and put him in oxygen and after 10 minutes he fainted and we need to subject him for an ambulatory bag to assist him in respiration and we give epinephrine to stabilise heart beat and he overcome it but after few minutes he had difficulty of breathing again and this time he was not able to make it and pass away. I think Sully felt relieved now and he is not in pain anymore. I felt sorry for what happened to Sully and this morning when I approached him in his pen he went near me and putting his two front legs in my arm while fixing his fluid and waiting to be petted and as if he was telling me it was time and he wanted to rest."

We are now headed to the Animal Hospital to fetch Sully and give him a proper burial here at the farm. Sully has been with me for only a month but I would like to think I gave him the best last month of his life compared to the four years he spent with his previous owner.

Please be responsible dog owners.

And please be responsible dog breeders.

We can't always find good homes for all the puppies out there.

Here are some photos of Sully when he was still a puppy. Run free Sully. We love you.


sully 9sully 10

Please pray for Sully :(

Two months ago I received a text message. " We were given a dog coming from you sully sunrise. We would like to meet or talk to you about Lhasa Apso care. Landline 8XX-XXXX look for XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX. Or text where we can call you. When she called she did not ASK about Lhasa Apso care. She complained about Sully's behaviour with her cat. She also kept comparing Sully to her dog that passed away saying that Sully bites and that whatever they did to their previous dog it would not dare snap. She also said that maybe Sully has allergies, or maybe Sully was allergic to her cat. She also mentioned that she spent "thousands" of pesos to the care of Sully. She also said that the his ticks and fleas would not go away. The bottom line of our conversation was that she wanted to return Sully.

One of my previous puppy owners lost her dog and was looking for a new Lhasa Apso puppy. Since I am not currently breeding my dogs and have no immediate breeding plans, I asked her if she wanted to adopt Sully to save him from his dreadful owner. Arrangements were made and she agreed to fetch Sully from his home. She called me right away and sent pictures too. Sully was in very bad shape. His last complete vaccinations were given when he was still with me. He was given yearly rabies shots but they were not always on time. Maybe his previous owner was only afraid of rabies. Adding insult to injury the owner from hell even included a receipt for her expenses with Sully amounting to Php 2,000 which is like $45 or only equivalent to one bag of dog food. Maybe after she spent "thousands" of pesos she did not want to take care of the dog anymore.

sully 3

After spending two weeks with his new owner who adopted him they have decided that they are not capable of taking care of Sully any longer. When I got Sully I could sense that he went through a lot of trauma. He was scared of the water. When I opened the shower he jumped right out of the tub and tried to bite us. His skin was a lot better when I got him compared to the photos sent to me. He had ticks and fleas which were easily removed and medicated when I got him. I also had him neutered and had his vaccinations done when he was back in my care.

sully 5

Last week Sully looked really depressed and he wasn't eating I knew he was not feeling well. We brought him to the vet and he tested positive for ehrlichiosis and glaucoma. Since he was not eating for two days and was dehydrated, our veterinarian suggested to keep him in the hospital for a few days. The day before I was supposed to fetch Sully, he had nasal purulent discharges and tested positive for canine distemper. :(

The virus might have been incubating already at the time the vaccination was given. :( I feel so bad for Sully. I thought it was already the start of a happy spoiled rotten life for him. There is no specific treatment for canine distemper. But I do hope with this post more dog owners will be responsible enough to take care of their dogs at home. I hope there will be less people buying a dog on impulse. I hope breeders will find new owners who will take care of their dogs throughout their lives and not just return them when they don't want the dog anymore. I hope there will be a better future for all dogs all over the world. I hope there will be more kind hearted humans.

Love your dog forever.


A few photos of Sully with the Pooch Glamour babies

sully 6sully 7