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Sully Sunrise has already been buried two days ago. Even if I only spent a month with him I feel so bad for everything that has happened. I feel as though he has been robbed of a happy, healthy life. I don't even know if his previous owner has already heard the news and if she did, I wonder if she even felt something for him.

sully 15

We made sure he is buried six feet under.

sully 13

We also planted a yellow hibiscus flower for Sully yesterday. I plan to plant some more in the following weeks to come. We chose a location that is a little farther from the garden to prevent the canine distemper virus from spreading.

sully 11

Here's my sweet little note for Sully :

Dearest Sully,

I remember you in a litter of four of Hammie x Sunny Bee. Two girls, two boys and all your names started with the letter S. You were the only parti coloured male in the litter. You never really smiled a lot even as I look through your puppy photos. You did not seem to enjoy letting your tongue out like your other Lhasa Apso siblings. The couple who adopted you seemed really nice and I never really thought you would end up uncared for four years after. I am so sorry I was able to do so little for you. :( I remember I checked up on you a few times, and every time I asked about you, all I received was one reply and no stories or no photo updates or no follow up queries after. Two months ago when your previous owner called me and told me how awful you were behaving, causing her allergies, your loud barking, your ugly temper, your ticks and fleas, your bad behaviour, I NEVER BELIEVED A SINGLE WORD SHE SAID. There are no bad dogs Sully, only BAD and EVIL owners. And I feel so bad that you were taken so soon, and that because of your ex- owners negligence you acquired a fatal disease that I could do nothing about. I am so sorry Sully. Now that you are gone, I know you are in peace. Your owner might have hated you but please know you are loved by many. We love you Sully. We will always remember you.

Love, Mommy Belinda

sully 14



At 09:40 AM (Philippine time) Sully Sunrise has passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Message from my veterinarian:

"Belinda I regret to inform you that Sully did not make it. After bringing him out of his cage this morning for urination. I noticed that he had difficulty in breathing and put him in oxygen and after 10 minutes he fainted and we need to subject him for an ambulatory bag to assist him in respiration and we give epinephrine to stabilise heart beat and he overcome it but after few minutes he had difficulty of breathing again and this time he was not able to make it and pass away. I think Sully felt relieved now and he is not in pain anymore. I felt sorry for what happened to Sully and this morning when I approached him in his pen he went near me and putting his two front legs in my arm while fixing his fluid and waiting to be petted and as if he was telling me it was time and he wanted to rest."

We are now headed to the Animal Hospital to fetch Sully and give him a proper burial here at the farm. Sully has been with me for only a month but I would like to think I gave him the best last month of his life compared to the four years he spent with his previous owner.

Please be responsible dog owners.

And please be responsible dog breeders.

We can't always find good homes for all the puppies out there.

Here are some photos of Sully when he was still a puppy. Run free Sully. We love you.


sully 9sully 10

Please pray for Sully :(

Two months ago I received a text message. " We were given a dog coming from you sully sunrise. We would like to meet or talk to you about Lhasa Apso care. Landline 8XX-XXXX look for XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX. Or text where we can call you. When she called she did not ASK about Lhasa Apso care. She complained about Sully's behaviour with her cat. She also kept comparing Sully to her dog that passed away saying that Sully bites and that whatever they did to their previous dog it would not dare snap. She also said that maybe Sully has allergies, or maybe Sully was allergic to her cat. She also mentioned that she spent "thousands" of pesos to the care of Sully. She also said that the his ticks and fleas would not go away. The bottom line of our conversation was that she wanted to return Sully.

One of my previous puppy owners lost her dog and was looking for a new Lhasa Apso puppy. Since I am not currently breeding my dogs and have no immediate breeding plans, I asked her if she wanted to adopt Sully to save him from his dreadful owner. Arrangements were made and she agreed to fetch Sully from his home. She called me right away and sent pictures too. Sully was in very bad shape. His last complete vaccinations were given when he was still with me. He was given yearly rabies shots but they were not always on time. Maybe his previous owner was only afraid of rabies. Adding insult to injury the owner from hell even included a receipt for her expenses with Sully amounting to Php 2,000 which is like $45 or only equivalent to one bag of dog food. Maybe after she spent "thousands" of pesos she did not want to take care of the dog anymore.

sully 3

After spending two weeks with his new owner who adopted him they have decided that they are not capable of taking care of Sully any longer. When I got Sully I could sense that he went through a lot of trauma. He was scared of the water. When I opened the shower he jumped right out of the tub and tried to bite us. His skin was a lot better when I got him compared to the photos sent to me. He had ticks and fleas which were easily removed and medicated when I got him. I also had him neutered and had his vaccinations done when he was back in my care.

sully 5

Last week Sully looked really depressed and he wasn't eating I knew he was not feeling well. We brought him to the vet and he tested positive for ehrlichiosis and glaucoma. Since he was not eating for two days and was dehydrated, our veterinarian suggested to keep him in the hospital for a few days. The day before I was supposed to fetch Sully, he had nasal purulent discharges and tested positive for canine distemper. :(

The virus might have been incubating already at the time the vaccination was given. :( I feel so bad for Sully. I thought it was already the start of a happy spoiled rotten life for him. There is no specific treatment for canine distemper. But I do hope with this post more dog owners will be responsible enough to take care of their dogs at home. I hope there will be less people buying a dog on impulse. I hope breeders will find new owners who will take care of their dogs throughout their lives and not just return them when they don't want the dog anymore. I hope there will be a better future for all dogs all over the world. I hope there will be more kind hearted humans.

Love your dog forever.


A few photos of Sully with the Pooch Glamour babies

sully 6sully 7

I have been recently busy with our new spacious garden and gazebo. My sixteen apsos are having a blast during their morning and afternoon playtime. I have not had a group photo for so long because six females are now in heat. If I could add more hours in a day I would. :)

Here's a few fun photos I would like to share with everyone :)


Brucey Boy enjoying his afternoon run.

DSC_0042Sweet girl Lotus Petal loves her new garden.

DSC_0088Rosie is having loads of fun while her siblings are busy on the look out for cats hahhaha


And of course baby Milo joins in all the fun and adventures of his best buddies. :)

For your daily dose of Pooch Glamour photos please visit our Facebook page and Instagram. See you there!

xoxo Hug your apso today xoxo




I am truly beyond blessed with the addition of my sixteenth Lhasa Apso - Little Rosemarie (who's not so little anymore!) Rosemarie who is now 3 months old has got the appetite of her father Bruce, the attitude of her mother Ruffles and the playfulness of her aunty Lotus.  She is constantly gaining popularity because of her cute little charms. 

Here is the most recent photo of Rosemarie :)



I am also very happy to announce that Ruffles has recovered very well after surgery and she is enjoying life like her four legged siblings. Here are some photos of Ruffles taken last Saturday. :)







Last month the Pooch Glamour family went home to Manila and we celebrated Bruce and Lotus' 2nd birthday. I decided to order a cake at Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli & Bark-ery. I picked the bone shaped party cake (8.5x5.5), with liver as cake base and cream cheese frosting. The celebrants loved their cake so much and it is a great alternative to giving them their meaty or rawhide snacks.  The rest of the Pooch Glamour kiddos were delighted to share the cake after the party too.

When we went to pick up the cake at Whole Pet Kitchen, Unang Hirit  was doing a feature on them. So Bruce and Lotus got to be on TV for a few seconds of fame. :)

Whole Pet Kitchen is located at 349-D C.M. Recto Street corner P. Guevarra Street San Juan. You can visit their site at

I highly recommend their Jack's Lasagna - all my dogs love it! And I personally loved their calamansi bar for humans. It is comparable to a lemon bar - only better! I am really happy that a pet bakery has finally opened here in the Philippines. All dog lovers should come and visit their store.


Our next stop was at Powerplant Mall, still one of my favorite malls in Manila to bring my dogs for some shopping and dining. We had an impromptu shoot at The Picture Company. I am more of a planned and organised person but I am so glad we had done something spontaneous that day because I really loved the pictures of Bruce and Lotus. Even baby Milo had his photos taken with the birthday doggies and their photos turned out really cute.


If you are an existing member of the Picture Company you may still claim your free 8R photograph until the 31st of July 2014.

I have always enjoyed having my dog's portraits taken at the Picture Company. We have been a member for four years and even now that we are already staying in Tarlac, we still have our family photos taken there. :)

The Picture Company can be found in the following malls:

Bonifacio High Street
Mall of Asia
Power Plant Mall
Alabang Town Center
The Podium 
Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center Cebu


Lastly we had dinner at Kuretake Restaurant in Power Plant Mall. I absolutely love Japanese cuisine. And everything on their menu is DELICIOUS!!! Their sushi and sashimi is always fresh. They are located at the R1 level and their manager (who is coincidentally Japanese) loves dogs too! He even brought my dogs a cup of water because he said they already look thirsty.

If you are in Manila and you love Japanese food, you should dine at Kuretake!
yum yum yum :)


That's how we celebrated Bruce and Lotus' 2nd Birthday. We went home a bit late already so the balloons, candle blowing and party poppers followed the day after. I just enjoy celebrating their birthdays and most importantly I love to enjoy everyday life with all my furry Lhasa Apso babies.

Hug and Kiss your dog today and let them know they mean the world to you xoxo



I really don't know how to begin this blog entry as I have been going back and forth if I am going to announce this or not. I have not had a litter of puppies for over two years and two months now (and yes this is planned). However through much effort of keeping track of all the mentrual episodes of my female apsos and keeping them separated from my male dogs during their heat cycle --- we have had an accidental mating.

Last February 14th, 2014 (yes exactly on Valentine's Day) two lovebirds have mated in the Pooch Glamour home. I don't know how on Earth that it was possible for Ruffles to have had such strong desire to mate with Bruce given that she was limping and shaking at that time and she almost could not use her legs already. Lesson learned: Nothing is impossible with a female in heat!

This all happened before I had her leg amputated and during the time of mating I was fully aware that she had Canine Osteosarcoma already. I admit that I had poor lapse of judgment thinking that even if she had menstruation, she would be unable to stand longer than 2 minutes for a male dog.

Two weeks after the mating, I had Ruffles' leg amputated. I told her veterinarian Dr. Eli Reyes about the accidental mating and he said the pregnancy might not push through since there will be a lot of antibiotics and medicines given during and after the surgery.

Ruffles is already 10 years old. Proof that age really does not matter. A month after her surgery she had a check up and I asked her veterinarian to also do an ultrasound. Ultrasound results came out positive! After having 25 litters from letter A-Y, I was happy, anxious and scared at the same time! I just couldn't believe that Ruffles was pregnant!

It was the longest labor ever. I even had to inject oxytocin on Ruffles' leg because it was taking so long and she had labor on a holiday. After injecting oxytocin, a black and white female parti coloured puppy was out. The puppy looked abnormal. Her eyes were already wide open, its supposed to be closed until two weeks of age. And she had a cleft palate problem. I knew that this was because of Ruffles' age and the abnormalities might have resulted from all the medications and prolong use of antibiotics during and after the surgery.

I was so sleepy and tired afterwards so I went to sleep at 1AM. I only wished for Ruffles to be well. I knew her black and white parti puppy would not live long...

Waking up after a few hours, I checked on Ruffles right away and to my surprise a gold and white parti female is inside the whelping area.



It's a true blessing and joy that we have a beautiful Lhasa Apso puppy again. If I am supposed to follow my alphabetical litter format this should be my Z litter. I am thinking of registering her as Pooch Glamour Zoe Barnes, since I have been hooked on the House of Cards series lately. Or maybe I will register her as Pooch Glamour Rosemarie. :)

Now that the secret is out, I will be posting more photos of sweet little Rosemarie on our Pooch Glamour Facebook page and Instagram account. Thank you for all the LOVE and thank you for all the LIKES! Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Here is Rosemarie with her "littermate" MILO :)





We happened to pass by a newly opened branch of Benefit at Mall of Asia, and we found the setting and styling of the store to be absolutely adorable. Even Lotus and baby Milo couldn't help themselves. They kept looking through the glass window and I knew they wanted to go inside. 

DSC_0155DSC_0156So I had to ask the staff at Benefit if we could go inside their store and take some pictures in their cute little porch setting with the daintiest pink plush pillows. And I am so thrilled that their head cheerleader Donna agreed. :)

DSC_0169DSC_0163I am not really someone who loves to put make up on. But when I first tried the products of Benefit, it was such a feel good and look gorgeous experience and I just couldn't resist trying more of their products and services. They have the cutest packaging too!!

Since we tried Benefit six months ago, these have been our top 5 favorite products:

1.) the POREfessional - this product is MAGIC! It makes your skin look so flawless. I just love this product!


2.) "that Gal" - is a pink, lightweight brightening face primer. I love how it feels good on the skin.

that gal

3.) High Beam - is a luminous complexion enhancer and makes my cheeks glow.

high beam4.) It's Potent Eye Cream - I use this product everyday since I bought it, just love the cool cucumber feel around my eyes when I apply this product.

it's potent5.) Lemon Aid - I love this color correcting eyelid primer. For me it works as a concealer too! It blends perfectly with my other Benefit products.

lemon aid


Thank you to the very nice staff of Benefit Cosmetics because if they weren't friendly and accommodating to me and my dogs I might have never bought and tried their products. FIVE STARS for Benefit Cosmetics!!!!

DSC_0175Benefit also offers waxing and tinting services which I will try next time I am in Manila. So if you want to look fabulous and feel great head to the nearest Benefit branch now!



If you have time to breed your dogs, you should have time to educate yourself first!

The problem with people who call themselves "breeders" is that they have very little or no proper education and knowledge of what breeding is all about. Breeding takes more than just a male and female dog plus a litter of puppies.

1.) Breeding involves planning

Breeding is not mating your female bitch to the nearest available stud dog and vice versa. I have read a lot of posts looking for a stud service which has the closest proximity to their address. And stud dog owners offering their dogs as stud even if their male dogs do not even come close to the breed standard. These so called "breeders" have all the time in the world to breed litter after litter without educating themselves first on how a Lhasa Apso should look like!

Note: If your dog does not look like a Lhasa Apso, it is NOT a Lhasa Apso! So please STOP breeding your dog!

There will always be something NEW to learn about the Lhasa Apso breed. The breed standard gives an outline of the breed. A breed standard alone is not sufficient to understand the breed fully. It is very essential to talk with other people behind the breed. Have an open mind and plan  your litter, you will achieve better results if you have a planned breeding.

2.) Reality: Breeding dogs is expensive and difficult

Breeding dogs is not simple and it is not cheap. I wonder how these people who call themselves "breeders" always talk about how hard it is for them to live day by day and still continue to have one litter after another. Some of these so called "breeders" even post pictures of their dogs lining up and sharing one electric fan to keep cool in this horrid summer heat that is approximately 32- 36 Celsius for several hours everyday. And another thing that bothers me the most is that their solution to beat this scorching heat is by shaving their dogs bald so that it would prevent heat stroke! That is the most absurd reasoning I have heard! We all know Lhasa Apsos are built for extreme weather conditions. And we all know the reason you had your Apso bald is because it was all matted and you couldn't commit to grooming him.

Breeding dogs is challenging as there are genetic issues and illnesses that we are now AWARE of. And since we are aware that these problems exist now, much more that "breeders" so be more careful when they are planning to breed a litter. Most "breeders" are lazy, selfish and stubborn. We all know that breeding dogs is a very expensive hobby. Those who say that breeding is profitable is a big fat liar!

3.) Learn from your mistakes

In this imperfect world, breeders will often make mistakes. I must admit that until now I am learning all the ropes and curves about the Lhasa Apso breed and breeding dogs. I have also made several poor mating choices in the past and I am doing my very best NOT to repeat the very same mistakes again. I continue to educate myself and learn new things that will help me to improve my plans for the future of the breed and for the future of my dogs.

The problem with so many "breeders" out there is they continue repeating their mistakes over and over. They continue to breed their dogs even if the quality is low. Their planning is looking for a different stud - that is near their area or from a breeder whom they are comfortable talking too. Looking for a stud dog is easy but looking for the BEST STUD DOG requires heart and investment.

TIP: A breeder must be willing to invest for the best possible stud dog. He usually does not live in your neighbourhood.


Plan your litter.

Learn from your mistakes.

Educate yourself about your breed and about breeding.

Be willing to invest.

Have faith.


Let's talk about Cruella de Vil!

We all know Cruella as the main antagonist in the story 101 Dalmatians. She kidnaps puppies for their fur and makes them into glamorous fur coats. Her name is a pun of words "cruel" and "devil" which is really a perfect description of how cruel she is.

In the world of pedigree dogs there is always a Cruella de Vil. Sometimes these Cruellies (as I like to call them) pretend to be saints. Sometimes it is hard to recognize a Cruella as some of them may seem really nice. The problem with the Cruellies is that they love to criticize other dogs, other owners, other breeders, other handlers and other judges. They own a lot of dogs, often a multiple of breeds and these dogs are not given sufficient exercise since most of them stay inside cages for most of their life. These people are almost always in denial of how awful they treat their own pets. They would put the blame on another person rather than owning up to their own mistakes.

There are different kinds of Cruellas in the world of dogs. Here are a few examples of real life Cruellas: 1.) There is one who constantly pollutes Facebook with the negative public posts often name dropping a specific owner or breeder especially after a dog's win. You can always sense the taste of bitterness and they can't seem to be happy for other people's success. 2.) There is also one who seems very religious and kind hearted and professes continuously about their love for their animals but keeps their dogs in a very dirty environment, often kept inside cages and infested with ticks and fleas. The health of dogs are almost often at risk and they often wonder what caused their dogs passing. 3.) There are also those who cull puppies that are only a few days old because of their own negligence in breeding properly. Sometimes these people are even unaware that their dogs have mated until the dam gives birth. These people play the dumb role but they are smarter than what they seem. 4.) There are those who bribe other people in the dog world to get what they want. These people will use every means possible to be ahead and when they don't, expect the claws to come out afterwards.

Cruella de Vil's are a very sad reality in the world of dogs. Most often they want all the attention to themselves. They are self proclaimed know-it-alls and they use it to their advantage. They lure beginners and those very innocent dog enthusiasts, sometimes they just "know" who to be "friends" with. I pray for all the Cruellies all over the world, that they may find peace within themselves, and I do hope they find love and contentment in their personal lives so they can be kinder to animals and become better dog owners.